What are SFTP Servers?0

Millions of data transfers occur on a daily basis across counties, countries and continents and the majority if this information will contain confidential information. Businesses need to therefore implement steps to mitigate any risk of data breaches occurring during transit. SFTP servers are often utilised during such transfers to safeguard the data contained within the files which are disseminated nationally or globally. … Read more →

Features of an Enterprise File Transfer Solution0

Enterprise File Transfer solutions are often implemented by businesses who want to safeguard information which flows around and outside their organization. There are many file transfer options available but there are common features which are prevalent across many of the solutions. Many of the features enable businesses to seamlessly transfer files of any size as part of day to day operations without slowing down the system and taking a considerable time to process. … Read more →

New Q4 2013 Managed File Transfer Comparison Matrix

Compare_MFT_Front_CoverWe have been supplying this industry report now for 4 years and it has been downloaded 1000′s of times from companies in countries across the globe.   It is written by our technical consultants and provides a granular, feature by feature breakdown comparing 8 of the main Managed File Transfer Solutions.

I think the one we have published today is a step up in clarity and will really aid peoples decision making. … Read more →

Keeping Your Information Secure with UNIX SFTP0

As an IT security professional working for a large organisation, is your responsibility to ensure that both company data and client information is secure at all times, particularly when confidential or sensitive information is being sent to different recipients. Whenever you send an email or an attachment without a secure method of transfer you are putting your company or client information at risk. With a secure file transfer such as UNIX SFTP, data can be safeguarded as it is moved from one location to another and it allows your business and employees to receive encrypted data which reduces the threat of data loss regardless of the software or email clients being used by external partners or locations where data is being transferred. … Read more →

Free Tool: SSH Risk Assessor

Obtain actionable information as to the state of compliance and risk in your SSH environment:
Free Website Security Risk CheckFree Tool: SSH Risk Assessor

Definitive Guide to File Transfer – Free Download

file transfer experts guide to file transfer

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