Secure file exchange and the reputational risk of insufficient data security: Are you willing to put your organisations reputation on the line?0

Secure file exchange helps protect organisations from security threats

In June in his first public speech for two years, M15 chief Jonathan Evans warned that the UK was fighting an “astonishing” level of cyber attacks. He said Internet vulnerabilities were being exploited by both states and criminals and posing threats to both Government and business.

William Hague, the British foreign secretary, also picked up this theme last month at an international conference in Budapest where he described cyber crime as “one of the greatest global and strategic challenges of our time”. Even the British Airways in-flight magazine I read on the way back from a recent trip overseas dedicated 4 full pages to the topic.

IT and data security is everywhere. It seems that almost a month doesn’t go by when one organisation or another falls foul of some sort of security breach reeking reputational havoc and unsettling customers – even the mighty business social media giant, LinkedIn, is not immune.

And, of course, an organisation’s information is most at risk during system-to-system file transfer and person-to-person file exchange. Today, when so much of business is about networks and strategic partnerships, and the majority of transactions depend on some form of interaction between two or more organisations, as well as a vast number internal data movements, an organisation’s ability to protect its data as it moves is vital. No wonder, then, that more and more CIOs are turning to secure file transfer and secure file exchange solutions to help them protect what is, arguably, their organisations most valuable asset – their data.

Data protection and security is a core feature of every one of our carefully selected solutions at HANDD. We provide secure managed file transfer and person-to-person secure file exchange solutions that enable our customers to address the increasing rigorous data security and compliance requirements of regulators, meet the growing expectations and concerns of customers and fulfill their own needs for protection from the potential reputational impact of even the smallest security breach.

Secure file exchange and file transfer solutions enable performance that is securely optimized across all an organisation’s assets, networks, systems and channels. For a CIO in this day and age, it’s the obvious solution to an increasing pressing issue and one that has a range of business benefits, from greater automation of key data related tasks to better visibility of data related incidents, better incident management and faster root cause analysis which all serve to help a business run more efficiently, stay protected and ultimately ensure their carefully built reputation remains intact and as strong as ever.

To learn more about Secure Managed File Transfer please visit our educational file transfer solution pages. Alternatively, head over to our file transfer product pages to view the range of secure file exchange and transfer software solutions available from HANDD today.

HANDD also publish the popular Comparison Matrix of Managed File Transfer Solutions and the Comparison Matrix of Person-to-Person Ad Hoc File Transfer Solutions, allowing a quick view comparison of the key features and benefits of the leading file transfer software solutions.

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