Safeguarding Your Digital Assets with Information Governance0

Information governance puts in place highly effective safeguards for the storage and use of confidential and sensitive electronic information such as company and client data. If you are a business who regularly collects and stores personal information, it is important that you have appropriate safeguards in place, particularly in relation to information governance. The Varonis Data Governance system makes this possible through the enforcement of rules which requires all businesses to closely monitor their data, coordinate access, perform audits for every activity relating to each file and actively identify data owners as well as being able to implement classification systems for confidential data.

Company data within the Varonis system ensures that data is completely secure through the application of a complex metadata framework. What’s more information governance is simplified as the system works in the background as an automated solution which provides detailed information about your data such as how business and data users make use of the information.  The DatAdvantage component of the system plays a pivotal role in the data management process, removing the requirement for manual management by an IT professional. The range of platforms available within the DatAdvantage range includes platforms for Windows, SharePoint, Exchange, UNIX and Linux as well as Directory Service.

Typically a terabyte of data will hold approximately 50,000 folders which contain confidential information. The data classification element of the system can actively identify and highlight files which contain sensitive information, yet just because the files have been identified does not mean that the data security aspect is complete. Once the file has been identified, the system needs to know how and who can access the files, which members of the business can use the information within the file, who is the author or owner of the document, where the files are likely to pose the greatest risk, which files are old and require archiving and how can policies and procedures be complied with across all areas of the workforce?

The IDU Classification Framework specific to Varonis solutions will effectively address all of the above issues and provide clear information classification systems which protect the integrity of data and provide comprehensive solutions for information governance.

Varonis not only strengthens your information governance it also eliminates some of the common problems and issues faced by managing and securing information collected, stored and used by your business. It effectively addresses the issue of permissions, establishing rules for who can access which information, enables auditing procedures, allows comprehensive data ownership, streamlines operational issues and mitigates any high risk practices which could pose a threat to the integrity or security of the information you store.

Safeguarding business data has never been more important and it is imperative that you have in place appropriate steps to not only ensure that information is safe but to also retain all important client trust.

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