Leaving Your iPad on the Plane – Data Security Perils0

I’ve done it, I bought a brand new iPad version 1 a few years back on a business trip to New York and when I landed at Heathrow (or as the UK police call it “Thiefrow”…) and left it on the seat in the compartment in front of me.  I owned that iPad for 3 days and never saw it again.

Fortunately the only data on it was the half read book on the Kindle App, annoying…very, as I never did get to finish that book, but good in that I did not have the device long enough for it to have any confidential or secure information on it.

So it was with interest that I read this article published in the Global Banking and Finance Review, by one of the Directors of Voltage Security.

The article contends that whilst iPad’s and similar devices now have access controls and lock down controls, just controlling the device is not enough.  Data is constantly on the move and therefore it is the data itself that needs to be protected as it flows into, through and out of any type of mobile device – protecting the data as well as protecting the device, I think the article is worth a read.

Ian Davin, CEO – HANDD Business Solutions


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