How Can Key Management Software Benefit Your Organisation?0

If you regularly use keys within your business data solutions, key management software is an essential tool to enable the effective management of keys. Within each file transfer solution in your IT infrastructure, legacy SSH and OpenSSH keys are used in pairs subsequently generating thousands of active keys. It is important however that you fully understand what these keys are for, which ones are required and which ones can be removed without leaving the system open to vulnerabilities.

That’s where SSH key management software can help. It is a specialist tool which enables you to identify active keys across the entire system allowing the opportunity for you or your IT team to make decisions on which keys are the most beneficial. Fully understanding each of the keys and the role they play in your data management will ensure that your data security levels are enhanced and company information security policies are being strictly adhered to.

In addition, if you use automated file transfer solutions public key authentication can be used within the SSH protocol as well as being an effective way to allow system administrators access to the system.  We all understand that SSH keys are extremely useful pieces of technology, greatly enhancing levels of security and enabling the accurate authentication of system users, however all too often these keys are not managed correctly, leaving organisations dangerously vulnerable.

While SSH key management software does have its benefits it also has its drawbacks, but none that cannot be reduced or even eliminated with a little careful planning. Often, system administrators are not able to identify what each key is for and cannot ascertain what would happen if one was removed. It can also be difficult to pinpoint which employees have access to specific information which can cause problems for businesses relying upon the management of complex and sensitive data amongst multiple employees.

Universal Key Manager from SSH Communications Security, inventors of the SSH protocol, delivers a fully interoperable and scalable SSH key management solution whether you use Tectia SSH, OpenSSH or both. It allows you to save time and money by eliminating the complex, manual work required to manage enterprise SSH environments, by reducing the risk of unauthorized access from both internal and external actors, and by improving visibility and compliance.

Universal SSH Key Manager is also the only SSH key management solution that goes beyond just discovery. The key management software is designed to deliver effective secure shell key management and involves the three core capabilities of key discovery, key management and advanced monitoring and reporting.

HANDD Business Solutions, the Global Center of Excellence for SSH, are currently accepting requests for invitations for the SSH Risk Assessor (SRA).

SRA is a free lightweight scanning and reporting tool that enables security auditors to obtain actionable information as to the state of compliance and risk with respect to SSH identity and access management. If you would like to request an invitation, please click here.

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