Why Is Enterprise Data Encryption So Important?0

Encryption is a complex process which involves applying codes to information meaning that it is unreadable for anyone who intercepts the message during transit. When a piece of information is encrypted an encryption scheme is activated which utilises an algorithm to transform the information into ciphertext which deems it unreadable if accessed by someone unauthorised.  The encryption process is usually undertaken with the use of an encryption key which provides instructions on how the data contained within the file is to be encoded.

Encryption was once only used by government agencies who wanted to safeguard top secret information, however in recent times, businesses have realised the importance of securing their client data during payment processes or information transfer. Encryption is an effective tool which safeguards information transferred through a network, such as when an individual makes a payment.

There are many solutions on the market which effectively safeguard and encrypt data but perhaps the most commonly used solution is one provided by Voltage Security.

Secure Your Data with Voltage

Data encryption is important across all business processes, not just when a piece of confidential information is being sent over a network. Businesses must ensure that they deliver end to end security for their data. The framework which makes up Voltage security implements safeguards for all sensitive information wherever it is stored, sent or used. The solution makes use of the latest encryption technologies as well as centralised key management to secure data at multiple levels.

In addition Voltage Security protects information when it is stored on a database, application within a data warehouse or in cloud storage. The SecureData Payments system enforces and implements Point to Point encryption and tokenisation purely for the purposes of payment processing, eliminating any issues which may arise from a manually controlled and regulated system. The SecureMail solution is more widely used and it safeguards all information sent and stored by a particular business, being seamlessly integrated into existing software such as Microsoft Office.

Encryption is an essential process for protecting customer information, particularly when processing payments and collecting sensitive information. The Voltage suite of software streamlines the data encryption process and ensures that whether in transit or at rest, all information is fully encrypted and safeguarded against the event of unauthorised access.

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