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With the smartphone and tablet boom of recent years, employees are increasingly relying on BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile Devices and Tablets to stay in touch while on the go. While this has improved business collaboration and communication, it has raised various security and compliance concerns.

Mobile devices can become a security concern if the device is lost or temporarily misplaced

In order to protect sensitive information, organizations may want to restrict the kind of email that can be sent to a mobile device. TITUS Message Classification has the ability to filter messages being sent to a mobile device,  allowing organizations to control what type of emails can be sent.   Administrators can define exactly what classifications can be sent.  For example, some organizations may wish to block emails classified as ‘INTERNAL’ or ‘SECRET’ from being sent to mobile devices.

The TITUS Message Classification solution interoperates with various platforms to allow classification of email both on the Microsoft Outlook desktop as well as mobile devices.

Key Benefits of Mobile Email Classification

Prevent Data Loss

  • Reduce the likelihood of inadvertent information leakage
  • Automate encryption on email

Raise Awareness

  • Automatically apply subject line and message body markings
  • Clearly identify sensitive information with visual markings

Comply with Regulations

  • Ensure sensitive information is not sent to a mobile device or tablet
  • Eliminate the need for mobile clean up after a security breach
  • Encourage proper handling of sensitive information

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