Can one file transfer management solution meet the requirements of multiple stakeholders?0

File transfer management solutions stretch across the business with multiple stakeholders and touch points. So how do you make sure that the Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution you choose is the right one for your organisation and satisfies all of your stakeholders?

The managed file transfer software solutions market, as with pretty much every market the world over, spans a range differing solutions offering various benefits. It’s what helps the solution providers to differentiate themselves in a crowded market, but it’s also what makes it so important to understand the different options and choose the one that is right for your business. So often at HANDD we hear of problems that occur mainly because a file transfer management solution that is designed with certain benefits and requirements in mind is implemented in a business with what are, actually, very different priorities.

As a CIO, you may be focused on security, your commercial team may be focused on speed, flexibility and system availability, the operations department may want to prioritise usability. Different conflicting user demands can make it difficult to match the solution to your organisation’s requirements. So how do you see the wood for the trees when dealing with suppliers that have a vested interest in one particular file transfer management solution and enthusiastic sales people who will do all they can to make their solution ‘fit’.

The truth is, in managed file transfer it really does pay to do your research up front, really understand what you want to achieve, balance and prioritise the requirement of your different stakeholders and get some expert advice to help you make the right choice of solution. That is why, at HANDD, we believe it’s important to represent a wide range of different managed file transfer solution providers and only work with the best. That means we don’t try to ‘crowbar’ our own solution into your business. Instead we’ll work with you to select the right one from our range of suppliers to ensure you get the best possible fit.

As one leading UK drinks company we worked with put it: “We had so many different stakeholder requirements, it was almost impossible to work out which solution was going to be the right one for us. Working with an unbiased expert like HANDD to help us make sense of our requirements and the specific benefits of each of the different solutions out there was invaluable in enabling us to make the right choice”.

Essential Managed File Transfer Resources from HANDD

To assist you is your file transfer project research, HANDD have created a number of ‘Essential Resources’ designed help you make an informed decision on the software and services you choose for your organisation. Join the 1000′s of organisations and individuals who have already downloaded these valuable resources.

Comparison Matrix of Managed File Transfer Vendors

Created exclusively by HANDD, this comparison matrix highlights and compares the key features of the Managed File Transfer software so you can easily and quickly identify which software does what. Read more →

Comparison Matrix of Ad Hoc File Transfer Vendors

Created exclusively by HANDD, this comparison matrix highlights and compares the key features of the Ad Hoc File Transfer software so you can easily and quickly identify which software does what. Read more →

The Definitive Guide to File Transfer

Created exclusively by HANDD, “The Definitive Guide to File Transfer” is an information rich eBook. Inside, we share our expert knowledge on File Transfer and everything we have learned from 100′s of File Transfer projects and many years of experience. Read more →

The Managed File Transfer ROI Tool

Created exclusively by HANDD Business Solutions, the Managed File Transfer ROI Tool calculates your potential annual Return On Investment (ROI) over a ten year period. Once you input the relevant data, the tool highlights how the implementation of a Secure and Managed File Transfer software solution can provide significant annual financial savings and a healthy ROI. Read more →

As file transfer experts, we also offer comprehensive file transfer consultancy services to help ensure your chosen file transfer solution is the best possible fit.

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