Capita Automates File Transfer Activity with Ipswitch MOVEit0

Business process leader trusts MOVEit and HANDD to secure and automate file transfers, assure SLAs and gain visibility and control London, UK – 22 April, 2014 – Capita document & information services has implemented Ipswitch’s MOVEit Managed File Transfer (MFT) System to centralise and automate processes for millions of daily file transfers. MOVEit was deployed at Capita by specialist data security integrator and Ipswitch channel partner HANDD Business Solutions. … Read more →

What ‘Automated FTP’ Solutions do we offer?0

Businesses use a vast range of data cycles to coordinate, transfer and use information during the day to day operations and as businesses grow so too does the complexity and nature of the information infrastructure. Managing such complex and multifaceted networks can be extremely time consuming and laborious but innovative new technologies have reduced the requirement for manual management and automated many of the data management processes. Automated FTP solutions handle multiple scheduled transfers and they provide higher levels of security, more effective management and detailed reporting.  … Read more →

Pulling Back the Curtain: Ipswitch MOVEit0

Pulling Back the Curtain: How Ipswitch Uses MOVEit for Customer Support

Ipswitch is committed to providing excellent customer support and that means equipping our staff with a complete view of the customer. With this goal in mind, Ipswitch IT was challenged to implement a fully integrated CRM system that would link marketing, sales, and support processes to dynamic customer and partner portals. Because we believe in using our own software, we were also charged with leveraging Ipswitch’s solution to make some of these integrations possible. After recovering from the “you’re asking us to do WHAT?!!!” shock, we came up with something special. Here are a few examples of how Ipswitch IT has integrated MOVEit technology with our customer support:  … Read more →

Globalscape Improves Performance of WAFS

Globalscape WAFS provides a LAN experience over the WAN

SAN ANTONIO, TX – GlobalSCAPE, Inc. (NYSE MKT: GSB), a leading developer of secure information exchange solutions, has released version 4.3 of their Wide Area File Services (WAFS™) collaboration software. WAFS allows end users across multiple offices to access and share files from within Windows Explorer over a WAN at LAN speeds.  … Read more →

Harnessing the Power of the Cloud for PCI Compliance, Business Processes0

While conventional wisdom says it’s safer and more manageable to maintain secure business processes in-house to avoid security risks in the cloud, we might have reached a tipping point. Due to exponential increases in data and increasingly stringent compliance regulations, it’s almost certain your internal team does not possess the bandwidth, expertise, or patience required to maintain a secure environment.  … Read more →

How To Transfer Large Files Faster2

On the surface, “file transfer” sounds pretty simple. Maybe you transfer files as email attachments or make them available to others in your organization via a data synchronization application like DropBox or Google Drive.

But what about the really big files you might have to transfer? What if you have to send a large media file? Or what if your business model depends on transferring multi-gigabit data sets from one server to another?  … Read more →

Ipswitch Press Release0

Ipswitch MOVEit Central 8.0 increases security for Managed File Transfer

Enhanced performance, improved security and greater platform support come together to expand automation in file transfer processes.

London, UK – 29 January 2014 – Ipswitch File Transfer has enhanced performance, extended security functionality and added platform support with MOVEit Central 8.0, the automation engine for MOVEit, the industry’s leading Managed File Transfer (MFT) system. MOVEit Central delivers automation and intelligence to drive business processes that rely on file transfer between partners, systems and people.  … Read more →

Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS)0

Enterprise File Sync and Share is a relatively new concept, yet one which business leaders need to be aware of. In a constantly evolving world of technology, businesses are increasingly looking to cloud solutions to facilitate business operations, and enable easier access to business documents particularly as employees are becoming ever more mobile. However, the placement of business documents containing highly sensitive information onto cloud storage systems presents a significantly increased risk of data loss.  … Read more →