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Controlling Application use with Zscaler

Businesses are constantly evolving and in recent years there has been a considerable shift away from the conventional ways in which businesses once functioned. With the increasing use of technology, businesses are storing information in multiple places such as cloud applications and on social media platforms. As such each application and platform needs to be adequately controlled using application control software, to prevent any data breaches. An array of business departments including sales, marketing, finance and human resources are migrating to cloud technology.

Application control can be deployed through the use of a solution such as Zscaler which equips organisations with the capacity to easily see the applications being used throughout the business. The system can allow you as a business owner to establish controls by application, department, employee or location and create specific actions which can be undertaken by particular employees, such as viewing content but not being able to edit or share. Restrictions can also be placed on the amount of time spent on each application.

If you as a business owner use cloud technology it is imperative that you set clear access rules for who can retrieve information from such technology. This will ensure that your data is kept secure at all times. Furthermore the solution can tighten up the use of webmail applications, preventing documents to be attached to outside email addresses from well known internet email providers which ensures that optimum standards of security are maintained at all times.

Compatible with Web 2.0 technologies, application control with Zscaler has never been easier. Businesses can clearly define who has access to what information and enables the development of policies and procedures which outlines clear regulations for the usage of applications and social media platforms.

You can also book a free Zscaler online demo with one of our Zscaler experts, where they will be able to show you the solution in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

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