Secure, Protect and Control Your Data At All Times, Wherever It Is – Seminar, Tower of London, 18th Sept 20140

I would like to invite you to this exclusive free event at the prestigious and historic HM Tower of London.

Secure, Protect & Control Your Data At All Times, Wherever It Is, on Thursday 18th September 2014. … Read more →

Capita Automates File Transfer Activity with Ipswitch MOVEit0

Business process leader trusts MOVEit and HANDD to secure and automate file transfers, assure SLAs and gain visibility and control London, UK – 22 April, 2014 – Capita document & information services has implemented Ipswitch’s MOVEit Managed File Transfer (MFT) System to centralise and automate processes for millions of daily file transfers. MOVEit was deployed at Capita by specialist data security integrator and Ipswitch channel partner HANDD Business Solutions. … Read more →

Harnessing the Power of the Cloud for PCI Compliance, Business Processes0

While conventional wisdom says it’s safer and more manageable to maintain secure business processes in-house to avoid security risks in the cloud, we might have reached a tipping point. Due to exponential increases in data and increasingly stringent compliance regulations, it’s almost certain your internal team does not possess the bandwidth, expertise, or patience required to maintain a secure environment.  … Read more →

How To Transfer Large Files Faster2

On the surface, “file transfer” sounds pretty simple. Maybe you transfer files as email attachments or make them available to others in your organization via a data synchronization application like DropBox or Google Drive.

But what about the really big files you might have to transfer? What if you have to send a large media file? Or what if your business model depends on transferring multi-gigabit data sets from one server to another?  … Read more →

Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS)0

Enterprise File Sync and Share is a relatively new concept, yet one which business leaders need to be aware of. In a constantly evolving world of technology, businesses are increasingly looking to cloud solutions to facilitate business operations, and enable easier access to business documents particularly as employees are becoming ever more mobile. However, the placement of business documents containing highly sensitive information onto cloud storage systems presents a significantly increased risk of data loss.  … Read more →

Key steps to Implementation

Reach the promised land of Automated File Transfer: Five steps to implementing automatic ftp

There are 5 key steps that are needed in order to implement automatic ftp; harness the skill of industry leaders, understand the requirements of the business, understand your current information environment, prioritse your data movements and determine the phases of implementation. Below you will be able to read more in depth about these stages and the importance of them.  … Read more →

What is AdHoc MFT0

With the multiple channels and methods of communication email still remains one of the most popular ways information and documents are distributed. However, this presents a significant problem for many businesses who implement numerous strategies to safeguard their customer and business information. Multiple emails are sent and received on a daily basis both internally and externally but it is impossible to manage each and every email manually. Subsequently business look toward AdHoc MFT solutions to streamline the process, safeguard their data and effectively manage the sending and receipt of emails. … Read more →

Features of an Enterprise File Transfer Solution0

Enterprise File Transfer solutions are often implemented by businesses who want to safeguard information which flows around and outside their organization. There are many file transfer options available but there are common features which are prevalent across many of the solutions. Many of the features enable businesses to seamlessly transfer files of any size as part of day to day operations without slowing down the system and taking a considerable time to process. … Read more →