Serious Security Vulnerability Detected in OpenSSH

Nathaniel Wallis   -   Information Security Consultant
Nathaniel Wallis – Information Security Consultant

A ‘Serious’ security vulnerability has been discovered and fixed in OpenSSH – one of the most widely used open-source implementations of the Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol.

The critical vulnerability could be exploited by hackers to force clients to leak their secret private cryptographic keys, potentially exposing users to Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks.  … Read more →

HANDD Business Solutions Announce Partnership With Centrify

HANDD Business Solutions Announce Centrify As Its Unified Identity Management Partner

Article by HANDD Business Solutions, October 2015.

Having monitored the growth in multiple data security sectors over the last 12 months, coupled with key Customer demands and a response to recent topical data security breaches, HANDD Business Solutions has insightfully evaluated its core offering and strategically revised its portfolio of software products to include a number of fundamental solutions that cater for its Customers current (but ever evolving) information security requirements. … Read more →

HANDD Business Solutions Announces Strategic Secure Islands Partnership

HANDD Business Solutions has announced its strategic partnership with Information Protection and Control (IPC) solutions market leader, Secure Islands.

Article by HANDD Business Solutions, June 2015.

The partnership strengthens and complements HANDD Business Solutions already impressive data protection offering, and deliberately permits HANDD to include enhanced Cloud based DLP, Classification, and IRM solutions into its portfolio of software products and services designed to deliver security across the entire journey of the customers data. … Read more →

60 Second Interview

With Danny Maher, Pre-Sales Manager for HANDD Business Solutions

Welcome to June’s 60 Second Interview. Here you can find out all you need to know about the Pre-Sales and Professional Services function at HANDD Business Solutions from one of the industry’s most impressive Pre-sales Managers, Danny Maher. We asked him… … Read more →

Why your MFT Solution matters?

A look at the importance of selecting the right MFT solution for your organisation

Article by Greg Hoffer, of HANDD Business Solutions Partner Globalscape, June 2015.

Have you looked into a managed file transfer (MFT) solution for your organisation but are having a hard time seeing the value? Let me put it out there for you: your current solution has limitations that you might not even be aware of. … Read more →

4 Stages of Crypto-Ransomware

You’ve heard the terms; you know the threats. But is your network and your data protected against the next one?

Article by HANDD Business Solutions Partner iSheriff, June 2015. 

Crypto-style infections have been growing and today constitute a large part of the cyber threat landscape. They are a form of cyber extortion that is often successful and they will likely continue as long as there is money in them. … Read more →

Data Protection – Put Your Money Where Your Doubt Is

Insights from Encryption deployment research

Article by HANDD Business Solutions Partner PKWARE, June 2015

I have some good news and some bad news on encryption. First, the good news: Encryption is all over the place!

The bad news?

Encryption isn’t really all over the places data needs it to be. … Read more →

Changing the Security Culture within an organisation

How to be forearmed against an internal data breach

Article by Martin Sugden of HANDD Business Solutions Partner Boldon James, June 2015.

Hindsight can be a wonderful thing, but when it comes to data security and potential breaches, it’s best to ensure that your security policies and tools are able to protect your organisation. Yet, despite the regular headlines caused by high-profile data breaches, many organisations still do not know how best to react once breached or, indeed, follow best practice to prevent a breach from happening in the first instance. … Read more →