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whitehat security reseller


HANDD Business Solutions and WhiteHat Security

HANDD Business Solutions are the WhiteHat Security Reseller for UK, Europe and Singapore.

WhiteHat is the web security company, combining a revolutionary, cloud-based technology platform with a team of leading security experts to help customers in the toughest, most regulated industries, including e-commerce, financial services, information technology, health care and more.

WhiteHat Sentinal

  • Inventories and profiles the application you have, assessing and addressing the risks facing them based on each app’s value to the company
  • Immediately helps you secure applications you’ve already got operational, and dynamically keeps them safe moving forward – all in a matter of weeks, no matter how many apps you have, and all without a pricey army of consultants
  • Enables your teams to address security issues in all new applications from the ground up, and throughout the SDLC

Learn more about all four phases of our approach:

  1. Asset Identification
  2. Vulnerability Management
  3. Reporting / Communication
  4. Protection

To learn more about the Whitehat products we sell, please visit the WhiteHat product pages.

WhiteHat Sentinel 30 Day Free Evaluation with Security Check

Discover how effective and how secure your current website security is with SecurityCheck. This WhiteHat Sentinel evaluation service is now available as a free, 30-day trial. You will have unlimited access to WhiteHat Sentinel in order to review results, generate reports and share findings with your developers and security management team.

These days, you never know where website attacks will breach your defenses – from within your custom website code, third-party services providers, you name it.

The WhiteHat SecurityCheck will assess the real-time risk of your site, identify vulnerabilities and report the results – along with an action plan for keeping your site 100% secure – continuously.


WhiteHat Security Reseller Resources

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