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HANDD Business Solutions and Verdasys

HANDD Business Solutions are the Verdasys reseller and integrator for UK, Singapore and Malaysia.

Verdasys  totally protects and manages the flow of data essential to the operation of businesses on a global basis.

By focusing on protecting data at the “Point of Use”, our Digital Guardian solutions are uniquely capable of preventing information leakage, or loss, across the global enterprise, including its extended partner/supply chain.

Verdasys solutions deliver centralised monitoring, audit and control over the use of data where it is most at risk, providing total information security.

Verdasys customers are leaders in banking, financial services, insurance, health care, entertainment, manufacturing, software and other industries around the world.

Enterprise Information Protection with Digital Guardian

Verdasys Digital Guardian is a comprehensive and proven Enterprise Information Protection platform. Digital Guardian serves as the cornerstone for policy driven, data-centric security by enabling organizations to solve the information risk challenges that exist in today’s highly collaborative and mobile business environment in an effective, flexible and economical fashion. Digital Guardian’s unique and proven architecture makes it possible to implement a data-centric security framework from which business and IT managers can:

  • Discover and classify sensitive data by context and content to gain visibility into how it is used by employees, contractors, partners and outsourcers.
  • Utilize actionable decision support to assess the risk associated with the sharing of sensitive data, enabling managers to make informed business decisions and create effective data security policies
  • Implement automated policy driven information protection; driving accountability down to the user resulting in voluntary compliance and increased risk aware behavior
  • Alert, block and record high risk behaviour ultimately preventing costly and damaging data loss incidents

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